Cardio Program

Aerobic exercise designed to increase metabolism and burn weight.

Cardio Programs That Push Your Limits

Finding a top notch cardio program in Lawton can be difficult, but not if you look towards Bad Boys Boxing . At our impressive fitness center, we have a full range of both solo cardio equipment as well as specialized programs built to push your exercise forward to the next level with motivating instruction and an intense atmosphere.

At the center of Bad Boys Boxing cardio program offerings are our cardio programs, which utilize stationary bicycles, great instructors, and high pace music to deliver an unparalleled workout opportunity. Generally lasting between 30 minutes and an hour, cardio programs in Lawton are the perfect choice for those who want a high-cardio, low-impact atmosphere.

In addition to cardio program, Bad Boys Boxing also has other, more traditional aerobic exercise programs available with instructors. As cardio programs work to increase your heart rate, they are an excellent option for long term weight loss, extending the length of your workout sessions, and developing increased muscle movement and flexibility.

When you're ready for a cardio challenge, call Bad Boys Boxing at 580-357-3993 to learn more about our cardio programs in Lawton.

Don't Settle For A Gym That Doesn't Work, Call 580-357-3993To Experience A Professional Fitness Center.

The Bad Boys Boxing fitness center operates in Lawton and draws customers concerned about personal fitness from the surrounding area.


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